The Evening Cricket League is still a couple of teams short of having the ideal number of 16 teams so we can have 2 divisions each containing 8 teams.
Can you circulate this email to all your contacts & perhaps post it on the Bradford West Cricket Development Group website to see if we can come up with another 2 teams to complete the league for 2019?
The basic workings of the league are as follows: -
14 games
Played on Wednesdays, 6.30pm start
Played between 1/5/19 to 31/7/19
16/18 overs per innings depending on weather
Max 4 overs per bowler
Batsmen retire once they have reached 50 runs
Other than that it's normal cricket
The origins of the league was as an alternative to net practice, which is still one of the main benefits today.
Could you ask anyone interested to contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the telephone numbers below for more details. Any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Phil Poole