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The CDG, through its Executive Committee, keep in touch and attend both the West Yorkshire Area Cricket Council and the YCB Council which links grassroots cricket to the work of the YCB. Minutes or Notes of these meetings are circulated to all member clubs on a quarterly basis to keep our Clubs in touch with how Yorkshire Cricket is being developed and key information available.


The Latest Meeting of the Bradford West CDG took place on Thursday 19th January at Zara Sports Centre. Topics covered at the meeting:

  • This website is now open for business!
  • CDG funds available to support local clubs that attend the CDG meetings
  • What next in terms of the organisation of Education Courses in our area to support support local Clubs
  • Subsidies to help Clubs attend the Courses they need to attend
  • An Update from the YCB on key areas of interest to local Clubs. This included; Strategic priorities for the YCB in 2017, The new Club Development Support Framework, The results of the Latest National Player Survey for 2016, the latest position on avaiolability of funds from the YCB's Small Grants Scheme, the launch of Sports England's new Community Aset Fund, and finally news of the sad death of the YCB's Lawrence Walker who helped quite a few of us organise a variety of schemes to promote cricket and other important YCB Initiatives.
  • News of key Initiatives being discussed at various YCB meetings whgich we attend on behalf of local Clubs
  • News from local Clubs about how they are developing their Clubs and what they are up to.

The Notes and details from the meeting can be acessed through the link below, so please havea read and come and join us at Bradford West CDG. Next meeting is 9th March at the same time and venue!

Notes of Meeting

Click on "Events" in the Menu to see what Courses are being organised for Local Clubs and when the next meeting of the CDG or West Yorkshire Area Cricket Council or YCB Members Board will take place. Notes  for all the meeting events will be published on the CDG Website when they become available, helping you to keep up to date with the latest developments for Cricket in Yorkshire and what is available to help and support Clubs!

The first edition of our new on-line newsletter has today gone live (see link below and also running on the front page of the YCB website). Our intention is to do monthly issues leading up to the season and then drop down to bi-monthly editions during the summer.

Thursday, 23rd March 2017, 7:30 pm at Zara Sports Centre.

Contact Us
Thorn Lane: Bingley Road
Bradford : West Yorkshire : BD9 6NA
Zara Sports Centre Direct 01274 397085

I am writing to you regarding the ‘Matching Service’ that has been created by Yorkshire Sport Foundation, formally known as West Yorkshire Sport. The ‘Matching Service’ will help take the hassle out of recruiting volunteers from clubs and organisations. Yorkshire Sport Foundation will manage the process of advertising the volunteering position and shortlisting the applicants.

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