The CDG supports Clubs to develop further and provides a wide range of information and links to achieve this. It has also over the years organised a number of Coaching Courses for member clubs as well as Club Development Workshops:

Training Courses

We can still help to arrange Coaching Courses for member Clubs and although these are now run directly by the Yorkshire Cricket Board (YCB), where there is demand in our Area we will work with the YCB to ensure appropriate and tailored Courses can be run. Key Courses currently available are:

  • Coach Support Worker – This is a Course designed for Parents and younger people who wish to get into coaching and support a qualified coach at the club. This is a short course which can be done and assessed at one session.
  • Club Coach (Children Under 13): This qualification requires the attendee to go to 4 three hour sessions and an assessment
  • Club Coach (Young People & Adults): Slightly different focus but basically similar qualification, with similar basis of attendance and assessment.

NB: All coaching courses require that the applicant does a Child Protection online questionnaire and a 3 hour Emergency 1st Aid Course.

In addition we will arrange other Courses, such as 1st Aid, Child Protection, Scoring, Umpiring and Groundsmanship, through liaison with the appropriate accrediting body, where requested by members. The idea in all cases is to provide as local and accessible a Course as possible.

Please note that the CDG is happy to provide a small subsidy from its limited funds for Courses to Clubs that are active members of the Group.


This is administered in the Yorkshire via the YCB. Many of the Clubs within our Group are already accredited with this Award. We will try to support any Clubs in our Area who may wish to become accredited with the Clubmark award and most existed accredited Clubs will be more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise.

If you are interested in initiating an application for Clubmark and wish to be registered you should contact either the Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Steve Archer, the YCB’s Cricket Development Manager for West Yorkshire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Various forms of funding is available for Clubs who wish to develop. These are administered by a variety of organisations. If Clubs require assistance with funding or funding applications then please contact either the Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Steve Archer at the YCB (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Examples of funding which may be available to Clubs are as follows:

Bradford Council –Bradford Council have a number of grant giving schemes which they run. On an annual basis there is the Community Chest Fund which can provided up to £350, which can be ideal for small bits of equipment which a Club might need. They also administer a number of Community Type Funds through their CNet Department which are generally funded from central government. These vary from time to time but it is always worth asking to see if any might be relevant to Cricket Clubs (such as providing cricket to young people, children from the BME community, etc. ).
You can find out more about what might be available from the Council at

The Yorkshire Cricket Board – There are various Grants available to Clubs from the Yorkshire Cricket Board. Small Grant assistance is available for both Emergencies (e.g. Emergency funding was provided to a number of Clubs which were subject of the Boxing Day Floods in 2015) and for small Club Development items or projects. These usually go up to £500. It is worth noting that both the West Yorkshire Area Cricket Council and the CDG are both willing to assist Clubs with funding for small items or projects.
Again contact the Secretary of the CDG or the YCB’s Steve Archer if you think you would like to access any of these funds.

English Cricket Board (ECB) – Large grants are available from the ECB. In some cases Clubs may need to have the Clubmark Award and will need to ensure they have a Lease of adequate length for their Ground. Interest Free Loans may also be available and these may not require the Club to have the Clubmark Award.
In the first instance if you think you may want to apply for a large grant for your Club Development project, please contact either the Secretary or Steve Archer of the YCB.

Sports England – Sports England are now developing a new Grant Award to develop Club Facilities called the “Community Asset Fund. For details of how this will work, please contact either the Secretary of the CDG or Steve Archer of the YCB.

Other Funds – Many Supermarkets and other Commercial organisations (e.g. Aviva Insurance) have their own Community Funds, so it is always worth casting about to see if their criteria fits with your project. There are also the Community Funds of the Waste Disposal Contractors like BIFFA who are required by law to put money from the Waste Disposal Tax back into their local communities. If you have a project it is worth going on their websites to see if they are near to you (usually within 25 miles of their Sites) and if you meet their criteria.

NB: This section will be updated with any new Funding opportunities as they become available.


Of course one of the most difficult things for Clubs to do is to get enough volunteers to make the Club run as well as possible. This is always an uphill battle, and difficult to develop the club without enough of them!

Clubs in the Group - Clubs that are members of our Group understand the problem and are always happy to help with ideas of what you might be able to do. It is good to share, and this is a strength of the CDG.

The Yorkshire Sports Foundation (YSF) - The YSF provide assistance with recruiting Volunteers, the bane of the life of most Clubs (you can always do with more volunteers!). This can also include a grant to assist you in the process as well as a couple of free places at a Recruitment Workshop.

They can be contacted at: where an expression of interest form can be completed.

Follow this link to access the guidance and form you can complete to use the YSF Volunteer “Matching Service”