Bradford West Cricket Development Group -

Club Courses -

The group shall be holding the very successful workshops once again this year these to include 

First Aid -

Venue -Steetan Cricket Club

Date  -18 March

Time -6.30 onwards -


Venue -Crossflatts Cricket Club

Date - 25 March

Time -6.30  

Please- Contact Shiv Krishan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to confirm your booking . 

CDG Meeting Monday 3 February

Crossflatts CC


Shiv Krishan (Chair and Gt Horton Church )

Simon Hicks (Saltaire CC)

Billy Rickets (Saltaire CC)

Kath Gower (Haworth CC)

Phil Pool (Denholme CC)

Lee Bailey (Crossflatts CC)

Steve Archer (YCB)

Terry Davis (Secretary and Bradford Bingley CC)


             Dave Procter (Steeton)

             Dave Allen (Treasurer and Bingley Congs CC)


These were Proposed by Lee, and Seconded by Kath. AGREED


Apart from those matters to be discussed during the agenda: None.

  1. CDG
  2. WEBSITE  It was agreed that there needs to be various updates to ensure that the website is made more current – e.g. Club updates need refreshing. AGREED: Shiv and Terry to meet to update the website and outline what’s needed for each Club.

               Steve gave some information about the latest developments: The new “Inspiring            

             Generations” document outlines proposed growth in Women and Girls cricket. There will be              

               a big push, looking at girls being embedded into clubs and being as big a part as e.g. boys    

               cricket. Phil said the All Stars was a tremendous start in this respect, as many of those

               attending were girls. Steve squad that it would be very helpful if girls were able to play in

               girls only teams.

             Steve outlined the Cluster Clubs concept:

             Calderdale and Leeds Clusters already in place, and certain pockets of good practice in the      

             Bradford area – e.g.Crossflatts doing well with girls cricket. Shiv said that Bowling Old Lane

             and other Clubs nearby are looking to get something started so Clubs could join in with that.

             Parents of Allstars could also get involved. Softball festivals have also followed from this.


There is plenty going on, an Umpires course And other developments going on at Park Avenue. 23 Women attended a recent Foundation Course – and it was reported that there had been some very good feedback about this. Many wanting to take their coaching to the next level. Looking to get some opportunities for those women. There are also still some opportunities on the Grange Interlink course.


               Not much going on, and Steve always looking for opportunities. Competition last week.        

               Arif still coaching still at B&B. Heaton tennis club opening up opportunities


               Open for registration. Marketing due to start soon.


             Current bank balance - £3,985.60 - only outgoing since the last meeting was £50 to Elliott    

             Wilson of Steeton CC to support his primary school visits last summer. It was noted that Elliot      

             had sent a letter of thanks for this support via David and Steeton CC.

             Outgoings still to pay:-

             Denholme CC - £30 (Yorkshire CC membership subsidy plus Safe Hands course fee subsidy)

             Terry Davis - £35 (Printer)

             Bradford MDC £360 (Safeguarding course 2019 books)

             As David does not have any cheques signed by Ed Duguid he cannot make these payments    

             until the mandate has been updated to include Shiv and Phil Poole after David arranged to    

             meet them for their identity to be verified. NOTE: The AGM agreed that Shiv, Phil and Terry    

             have been approved as cheque signatories along with David to replace Ed and Ann Coe.


Steve reported that there would be money available from the 100 Competition. YCB now doubled theirstaff - Steve Coulthard and Nick Boyes now work for Steve, with Steve Coulthard working in Calderdale and Nick in Leeds but Bradford to be divided up. Key areas Women and Girls and All Stars. Confirmation of the new working arrangements to be sent soon.

             All Stars is now being targeted at Schools – best way is self promotion by Clubs. Registration      

             is now open.

             Steve will be focusing on funding and strategic developments.

             There will be just 2 Coaches, but Pro Coach will pick up Bradford Schools - not just those.        

             who do All Stars and Dynamos.

             Steve outlined the Dynamos concept – pathway for 8-13 year olds who may not develop as    

             quickly as others. Also get tickets for the 100 matches.

             Steve stressed that YCB were able to help any Club, not just All Stars clubs.

             Legacy in India through various projects. 10 years of projects, kit to young people who are    


             Shiv offered to store any spare kit to be distributed.

             Billy reported that Saltaire have paired up with Rwanda and have been sending kit to them.

             Steve mentioned that Clubmark is still ongoing for some clubs. Likely that the safeguarding,    

             and the Skills and Qualifications Template will be key to the new standard. Those achieving    

             Clubmark before the new standard comes in will be accredited for 3 years with an Annual    


             Foundation 1 – not Level 2 yet but will allow you to lead a team. Anticipated that there will    

             be a Foundation 2 which Foundation 1 will lead to.

             Level 2 still there but may be phased out as may Coach Support Worker.

             Bursaries available for Coaches and Clubs who want to start new junior/female teams. £50    

             and £250 available from Steve.

             Secondary school work with Girls will also be undertaken, with signposting to clubs.

             General signposting to school was reported to be a problem in our area. Steve assured those    

             present that Pro Coach will be making those links with schools.

           Steve would like to know what age groups of children clubs need to engage with.


           Courses in February:

           25th     Crossflatts Safeguarding

           18th Steeton First Aid

           Please book through Shiv.

           Crossflatts are arranging a Foundation 1 course which can be opened up to other Clubs.

           Steve is willing to put some specialised courses on for coaches if there’s anything specific.

  1. AOB

Billy and Simon reported that Saltaire reported that they are looking into the relationship with the Half Moon Community      

             Café. Steve suggested reference to the Sport England website for support under Club    


             Phil reported that the Evening League has 3 clubs out and 3 in, and could do with 2 more      

             Teams to make 2 divisions of 8 teams.

Next Meeting:

Monday 18/05/20

Crossflatts CC 7:30

The next meeting of the Bradford West Cricket Development Group will be held on 

 Date -23 September 2019 

Venue -Crossflatts Cricket Club

Time -7.30 prompt -

All Bradford West Cricket Clubs are welcome to attend .

Hope to see you there 


Details of Minutes of the Bradford West CDG Meeting held Thursday 25/04/19

Held at Crossflatts CC 19:30


Shiv Krishan (Chair, and Great Horton Church CC)

David Allen (Treasurer and Bingley Cong’s CC)

Kath Gower (Haworth CC)

Simon Hicks, Billy Ricketts (Saltaire CC)

Phil Poole (Denholme CC)

Steve Butterfield (Long Lee CC)

David Holdsworth (Sutton CC)

Mark Pennington (Crossflatts CC)

Terry Davis (Bradford and Bingley CC - Notes)

Apologies Steve Coulthard, Steve Archer (YCB)

  1. Shiv welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduce New Club to the group Long Lee .
  1. Minutes of the last meeting
  2. : Agreed
  3. Matters arising:
  4. None
  5. CDG Website: Shiv now has access, anything that anyone wants on in regard to Website, please let Shiv know. Big thanks to Ed who is continuing to help. Any messages, please let Shiv know in advanced so this can be then placed on the website. Could all clubs please look at their club pages and send updates to Shiv so that he can amend the details. Particularly helpful if this could be in Word Format
  6. Women’s: Kath updated on the Upper Airedale U11 Girls team. Kath is to run this with the help of Neil Bishop at Haworth. Shiv suggested that there may be some funding as a subsidy to help get things started. It was agreed to consider allocating some funding for kit etc. UAJCA will also be supporting the team with finance, but it was agreed that Kath consider possible requirements as a group we promote all groups and was nice to see that woman’s cricket are playing a rle in our development group .
  7. BME Update Cricket nets can be booked at Bradford Park Avenue - these are free for CDG Clubs. Shiv announced that there are Trials for “Cities Cup” (14-19-year-old) and invited nominations for potential triallists, some of whom would be eligible for a 3 Day Scholarship at Lords (available for 2 people).
  8. Disability: Terry reported that a good partnership had been set up with the Visually Impaired group, with sessions being held at Wagon Lane. It is hoped to hold a mixed ability match at some point.
  9. Treasurer’s Report: - David reported that funds are available to support various activities. £400 is now available from the First Aid and Safeguarding Courses. Bank Account - balance stands at approximately £3,500. David is adding some people to the mandate for signing cheques. David also reminded clubs that some subsidies are available for those attending external courses such as Safeguarding, First Aid etc. It was also agreed to run the same courses as have been recently run before the start of next season. There was some discussion about how much reserve funding is needed. It was noted that e.g. Level 2 courses are expensive, and it would be good to continue to subsidize these. Shiv to check with Steve Archer to come up with ideas for courses, but the feeling was that there should be funds available for such courses along with Coach Development etc. a possible Coach Support Worker Course at one of the local clubs for CDG members clubs who could then access funding from the group .
  10. YCB Update - to follow by email, due to the 2 reps not being present.
  11. Cricket Education: Priorities identified are: Safeguarding, First Aid, and L2 Coaching subsidies, plus the new introductory course for potential coaches. Electronic Scoring also thought to be needed in future, especially as Bradford Junior League is to transfer to Play Cricket next Season. Shiv to email Dale to ask what may be available and appropriate. A discussion followed regarding the various requirements of GDPR It emerged that some clubs have been advised that parents must register younger players due to data sharing requirements of the new Act. However, most clubs operated a system whereby parents were asked for consent for Clubs who were then able to to do this on their behalf. Shiv to get clarity on this matter via ECB.
  12. Area Council report. Shiv had attended the most recent meeting and reported that Jimmy Martin and James Love gave a presentation on the new Pathways arrangements. All Leagues and development groups also gave an update. Shiv reminded the group that anyone could attend on his behalf and asked for volunteers. Shiv will post details of the meeting on the CDG Website.
  13. Club reports:

BRADFORD & BINGLEY: Terry reported that 3 senior teams would again be fielded and that 10 Junior teams would compete across various leagues. The Club has agreed to host a 2020 match where a Yorkshire X1 would play Hanging Heaton on 10 June under floodlights.

BINGLEY CONGS: David reported that there are still no juniors, but that All Stars is being pursued. 10 Seniors haven’t been selected across the 3 teams for the opening match on 27/04/19, so the Club has been in touch to try to initiate loans for those not selected - possibly with Oakworth 3rds. The new Car Park has been finished and the application for alcohol sales is under way, albeit with some local resistance, possibly from nearby residents.

SALTAIRE: Billy and Simon reported that there will be 4 Junior teams, and 3 Senior teams playing this season. Winter coaching had gone well, and it was particularly pleasing to report some involvement from Muslim girls, after engaging with Carlton Bolling School. The club has also purchased a roll-on net.

DENHOLME: Phil reported that the 2 Craven League teams would be stretched for players this season. There would be no Juniors this season, but the All Stars recruitment has gone well, with 8 Activators and 15 children already signed up. Grants for equipment have been secured and it is hoped that further grants would be available to replace the covers damaged by the recent high winds.

The Bradford and District Evening League commences on 01/05/19. Shiv has posted an appeal for teams on the website.

HAWORTH: Kath reported that a new patio area is now complete. Neil Bishop is running an U9 side and an U11 Girls UAJCA team. Kath has almost competed the DBS Verifier module and will take on responsibility for this once complete.

Steetan -Apologies

Notes attached From Steetan .

LONG LEE: Steve reported that the Club had 29 players to pick from for the 2 team’s opening fixture. The All Stars programme has 8 signed up already, with the hope of more to come through Long Lee Primary School engagement. Training Sessions have been held for 9-14 year old’s on Saturday mornings. Access to the pitch has recently been improved with a new entrance and the possibility of new car parking arrangements.

SUTTON: David reported that volunteers have been working on various initiatives. A new garage and storage area is planned with the possibility of ECB funding this year or next. 2 Senior and 4 junior teams will compete this season. A partnership with South Craven School has been particularly effective. A Quick Cricket Festival for Primary School children will be held, and the All Stars programme is expected to do very well.

CROSSFLATTS: Mark reported that as well as fielding 2 junior teams, 37 youngsters have been signed up for All Stars with 8 Activators. Taster sessions have also been held at Beckfoot School with 50 young people attending. U9 and U11 indoor nets had been held at Bradford Grammar School, and the facility has been useful. Various improvements have been made such as the creation of a food preparation area and the addition of hanging baskets and planters around the ground. The Club have been drawn at home in the National Village Cup.

GREAT HORTON CHURCH: Shiv reported that the Tour to Malaysia had gone very well, with some good help from the Youth Service. New nets facilities have been used at Grange Interlink. A Coach Support Worker course had gone very well, and the Juniors will be strong this year with teams at all ages across various leagues. An over 50s team is also about to start as many were getting to this age and after a couple of years the club would be back in . New Coaches have been recruited and this was help with the junior set up with a new under 13 and a new Under 17 which took the total up to 9 junior teams ranging from 9-17 .

The Club were finalists at this year’s Bradford Sports Awards and was a proud moment when the club picked up the title of Junior Team of the Year for the work done but the support from all at the club .

  1. AOB: A)UAJCA are hosting 3 Teams from New Delhi on Wednesday 19 June at Wislden, Bingley Cong’s and Harden. B) UAJCA U 10 match to be played at Haworth. Coach Development Worker Courses were felt to be a good idea so Shiv is to investigate coatings to see if CDG funding could support this. C) A question was raised about charges for Teas. Billy reported that one league has introduced a rule that away teams have to pay a flat fee of £40. Most clubs charge £3 with the Bradford League charging £4 with a minimum purchase of 8. D)Shiv asked if anyone could suggest any other Clubs to be represented at future meetings.
  1. Harden and Keighley were suggested.
  2. NEXT MEETING: The next 2 meetings have been fixed in the Diary. Both will take place at 19:30 at Crossflatts CC (thanks for hosting) on the following dates:

Monday 29 July 2019


Monday 25 November 2019

The Meeting closed at 21:30, with Shiv thanking everyone for their attendance, and confirming that Terry has agreed to take on the role of Secretary.

A big thanks to Terry for taking over the role as Secretary as this would help and hope that we could on to support all the clubs once again. 

Yorkshire Coaches Association - Seminar

Link to booking is:  For payment select "Offline Order" and pay on the day.   Venue:  Headingley Indoor School   Time:  10am to 2pm   Practical Batting Session with England's Lauren Winfield and Yorkshire Coach (and Brisbane Heat) Courtney Hill.   Practical Fielding Session with Yorkshire Pro Matt Fisher & Bilal Anjam   Mental Health in Cricket talk delivered by the "Opening Up" organisation   New Coach Ambassador roles update from the ECB's Dave Leighton   Cost is £10 to our members - pay on the day.

The latest meeting of the Bradford West CDG took place at Great Horton CC on 14th November. The meeting was chaired by Shiv Krishan and 6 local clubs attended. The Notes of the meeting are attached below, but amongst the key topics discussed were:

  • The shortage of players for some clubs and the development of a Player Loan Scheme which will help to ensure all players get a more regular game and clubs can fulfil all their fixtures
  • The need for and organisation of some Cricket Education Courses in the Spring, covering Child Protection and 1st Aid in particular
  • The continuing interest amongst local Clubs in schemes like Chance to Shine and All Stars Cricket, which assists in the migration oif children from School to Clubs, and how this can be made to happen for the clubs
  • An update on how the Disclosure & Barring Scheme (aka DBS) is working for local clubs, a mater of importance for all clubs
  • Updates and sharing from clubs on on ideas on how they are continuing to try to develop their clubs
  • To see the detailed points is the discussion click on the attached link: November 2018 MeetingNovember CDG Meeting